Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Teacher

Yesterday, I met someone who I can already predict is going to inspire me right out of my comfort zone in cooking. Who knew this would happen before I even started at The Restaurant?

Right when I wasn't expecting it, I think I found The Teacher.

It started first when she taught me that to sweat vegetables for a soup, it should take 40 minutes. 40 minutes! I have NEVER taken that much time. Then, she introduced me to flavored Grapeseed oils from this company. I have a new love affair with the Lime Riesling!

She educated me on what local companies to look for when I go to Pike Place Market: sprouted almonds from Stackhouse Orchards for snacking, Chukar dried tart cherries, Holmquist orchards dry roasted hazelnuts, and Pipitone Farms Organic Shallots (that are so sweet, and have no bite what-so-ever!)

I learned that Napoleon Vinegars have been based in Seattle since 1903, and soaking Radicchio in a bowl of cold ice water for an hour to remove its bitterness. She also taught me that instead of flour and buttering a pan before baking, you should butter and sugar it.

People. This was all in 2 hours.

I can't wait for what comes next.

The fun part? More is already planned.


  1. Ok I am officially jealous.

    Also, regretting that I can't make it to Seattle this summer.

  2. @Maggie- I regret it too! I was telling Shiv that next time I come to NY we will have to do a brunch or something. I bet we would all have a blast together:)