Saturday, June 6, 2009

Déjà Vu

Déjà vu set in today as I bought my first Chef's coat at a restaurant supply store. It was this compelling sense of familiarity. It reminded me of 15(+) years ago when I was the naive little ballerina, back in southern Virginia. I got to buy my first pair of pink pointe shoes in a ballet store off of E. Virginia Avenue on a sunny Spring weekend. This is when ballet was not hard, or painful, or draining.


It also wasn't a passion, so I guess that makes it all worth it now. But, I do fear that I may be getting myself into some recognizable territory here. Should I be worried about my patterns and career choices? Starting out fun and adventurous, and ending with tears, pain, callouses, and passion?

As a little dancer, getting to go "en pointe" is this giant accomplishment because it means you have actually reached a certain level of your dancing. Today, as I clutched my chef's coat at the checkout stand, I was reminded of that little ballet dancer coming out of the ballet store, clutching her shiny new pointe shoes.

I had no idea HOW to dance on those pointe shoes, I just knew I wanted them. The ribbons had not even been sewn, but having them meant there were so many more possibilities for me.

Same with cooking. I have the Chef's coat now, but too bad it isn't that simple. I have to learn how to cook. For real.

Now I know to expect the tears, the pain, the callouses. Like I said. I have done this before. But, the best part, is I also get to expect the passion.

And the coat. Well it is definitely shiny and new. Which means, this week I will be living in that thing. I am certainly not showing up on my first day (Thursday) at The Restaurant with a stark white chef's coat that has so much starch that you could make a coconut cream pie with it.

How freaking embarrassing.


  1. How exciting! I still have a coat from my kitchen lab course that's wrapped in plastic - I only ever used one! You are going to have a great time - a hard time occasionally, but a great and rewarding one!

  2. haha! yeah, I would live in the chef's coat to! Maybe even wash it 20 times to get some wrinkles! :o)

  3. Ooh, I totally remember that feeling of getting my first pair of pointe shoes. What an exciting moment, congrats!