Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beginning

I never thought I would start another blog. I mean, why would I? My food blog Anticiplate, keeps me busy writing about my life, creating and trying new recipes, and an occasional sentence on ballet. But, I have exciting news planned for this summer which warrants even more of this thing I call a "blogging time suck": I am actually going to work in a professional restaurant kitchen, and learn the tricks of the trade of being a restaurant cook.

Yes. I told you I would do it.

I mean, how else am I supposed to figure out if I want to open a restaurant in the future? Or cater private dinner parties? Or teach cooking classes?

On my to do list:
1. Buy a chefs coat, a knife bag, and maybe even some orange Crocs like Mario Batali wears.
2. Get my food handler's license. Yuck.
3. Get my knives sharpened (and maybe buy a new one, don't tell Erik)

And, I was kidding about the orange Crocs. I promise you. I will NEVER do this.

Don't judge. But, I might get black.

I am excited for you to go on this journey with me. I will be posting daily, and to be honest, I am scared shitless. I know this is going to push me past my comfort zone, and hopefully teach me more than I ever knew about a whole new art form. One in which I am so eager to discover, yet will be sure to have my heart broken by at some time or another.


  1. Wow! I am excited for you and looking forward to your restaurant apprenticeship.
    Also nice to be the first one to comment on your new blog!

  2. I'm excited to hear all about your adventure, and live vicariously through you. You're very brave for actually going through with your dream. Congrats!

  3. Congrats!! I'm so excited to hear about your adventures!

  4. You will do great, Kari! Pursue your dreams and never give up! Good luck!
    Stacy Brown

  5. This is great news!! What Kitchen will it be? Or is it top secret for now? Congrats babe :) So proud!! xxoo

  6. How exciting! Maybe there's other alternatives to crocs?

  7. A force has joined the food-world! Someday I hope to eat some of that food. For now I content myself to watch your powerful dancing.